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With our innovative payment solutions, you have the ability to receive payments quickly and easily from customers.

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Payment via Link
Instead of using traditional payment systems, you can create a personal link, specify the amount and purpose of the payment. The link is sent to the customer, and clicking on it brings the customer to a page where they can view and approve the specified amount and make the payment securely, quickly, and easily.
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Digital Green Invoice
With every transaction, a digital invoice is generated along with your business name. The invoice is sent directly to the customer through a personal message, improving the service experience with customers efficiently and professionally.
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Custom Payment Page Design
The option to design and brand the payment page according to your business's guidelines allows you to build a strong and personalized relationship with your customers, turning every transaction into a personalized and professional experience.
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Quick Receipt of Payments

Receiving payments within 24 hours provides a fast and efficient solution for businesses. With the option to receive payments quickly, you have the ability to manage transactions efficiently and ensure that cash flow is always smooth and fast.

3D Secure Transaction Denial Service

Identity verification with credit card transactions is an easy and secure service for online transactions. At the end of a purchase, the customer receives a verification password on their mobile and additional verification on the site, ensuring a secure and denial-resistant transaction.

Invoice Report Generation

By selecting a date range and clicking a simple button, you can quickly and easily generate and submit your invoice report.

Payment via QR Code

By scanning the code, the customer can make the payment quickly and easily using their mobile device.

24/7 Support

Our service includes 24/7 support, allowing you to be confident all the time that you have a team available to assist you at any moment with any issue or question.

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