Digital menus - Shopix

Shopix empowers you with the ability to create elegant and easily updatable digital NFC menus right at your fingertips.

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Open Menu Via NFC Stand
By attaching the phone to the stand, the menu will open immediately, allowing customers to check the variety of products presented on the website and easily send their order without queues or human intervention.
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Order Creation, Payment, and Delivery
Customers can create order easily through the digital menu on their mobile phones. They will pay using quick and convenient payment options, and immediately after, the order will be sent directly for business processing.
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Real-time Order Status Notifications
You can update the customer through real-time notifications at each stage of the order process – from order reception, through the process, to completion. This will enhance your service experience and allow the customer to stay informed while upgrading your satisfaction metrics.
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Price List Editing Anytime, Anywhere
You can upgrade your customer's shopping experience by having the ability to edit the price list anytime, anywhere. This approach provides great flexibility for ongoing price management and adaptation to changing market conditions or current events.
Quick Payment

Digital Green Invoice

With every transaction, a digital invoice is generated along with your business name. The invoice is sent directly to the customer through a personal message, improving the service experience with customers efficiently and professionally.

Increased Engagement with Business Assets and Reviews

Integrate your social presence in social networks into the interface and invite customers to share ratings and reviews on Google. Each review and rating can gain additional positive publicity for your business.

Create 'Up Sale' for Items You Want to Promote

Use real-time offers to encourage and promote specific items. You can offer customers special deals and promotions for items and opportunities you want to promote.

Continuous Analytics and Insights

Learn from your customers through analysis and analytics of their use of the interface. Act according to insights to improve and focus on enhancing specific items.

24/7 Support

Our service includes 24/7 support, allowing you to be confident all the time that you have a team available to assist you at any moment with any issue or question.

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